Create your Own Bedroom Oasis

Create your Own Bedroom Oasis

Create your Own Bedroom Oasis

The perfect night’s sleep doesn’t exist…or does it?? During “Sleep Awareness Week” we’re uncovering some of the best-kept secrets in creating a bedroom environment that promotes peace, calm and most importantly, a great night of restful sleep.

To gain some insight, we reviewed a recent study from the National Sleep Foundation in which they conducted research to learn more about the key elements Americans look for in their bedrooms, and determine the effects of bedroom environment on sleep. Here’s where you should focus your energy when creating your bedroom oasis:

#1 A “Fresh” Fragrance and clean sheets: “Overall, about three-fourths of the respondents (78%) agreed that they are more excited to go to bed on sheets and in a room with a fresh scent.”

So you can’t wash your sheets EVERY night, but you can maximize the freshness by washing your sheets every week, and adding an essential oil diffuser with a calming scent to help you relax before bed. A few scents we recommend:

  • Lavender- it can calm anxiety and is clinically proven to slow down your nervous system, and literally relax your body
  • Chamomile- it’s not just for your bedtime tea! And it pairs with lavender well too
  • Peppermint- to clear your mind and senses
  • Cedarwood- think of a cozy campfire sleeping under the stars

#2 Pillow Talk- (No really, let’s talk about pillows): Study participants reported “they use about two pillows when they sleep (average of 2.2 pillows). Specifically, close to three-fourths of the respondents (72%) used one or two pillows when they sleep.”

Pillows are an important component of restful sleep, and it’s important to pick the best one based on your sleeping style (back, stomach or side sleeper?), the size of your bed and whether you have any back, neck or other injuries.

Here are a few top picks for best pillows from Mashable:

#3 A Dark Room is Best for Restful Sleep: 73% noted a “dark room” as one of the most important elements in getting a good night’s sleep.

A dark room means getting good shades or blinds on the windows, but it’s also about cutting out artificial light that could be creeping into your bedroom as well. Even a small amount of light from an alarm clock, TV or cell phone can inhibit your body’s release of melatonin and disturb your sleep cycle. When it’s time to sleep, it’s best to turn everything off and put your phone on “do not disturb” so your body can do what it’s supposed to for your best quality of sleep.

Want to take it a step further? Here are a few other luxuries you can incorporate to make your bedroom even more relaxing:

  • Drop the temperature down when you sleep at night- 65-72 degrees is recommended
  • Calming music or sounds- a thunderstorm or “sleep sounds” app can set the mood and block out sounds from outside as well
  • Keep your room clean and add some positivity- pick up clothes and papers that can stack up in your bedroom and try decorations that make you happy like flowers, calming colors and family photos

Sleep is so important to a healthy, happy lifestyle and creating your perfect sleep oasis in your new home can make all the difference for more restful nights and productive days!



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